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Updates List!

Post by Static » Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:20 am

Here is the list of updates!

Fixes made prior to this post date:

Changeset 001

Created and spawned all the required NPCs.
Global teleport locations added.
Buff times set to 2hours.

Changeset 002

FIX: Adena bug during a multisell buy.
FIX: Adena bug during a buylist buy.
FIX: Target bug after using NPC buffer.

Changeset 003

Fixed some mosters and raibbosses incorrect level entries.
Introduced a custom engine for balancing classes and damages from playertype to playertype.
Added custom items in Mysterious merchant npc.
Introduced proper stats and skill passives for custom items.
Class Skill passives set to 80 lvl and adding stats only when weapons suited for each class worn


Updates from this post date and on:

Changeset 004 (08/12/2018)

Introduced a new method of Spawn Manager for RaidBosses.

Changeset 005 (11/12/2018)

Reworked the way skill Cooldown/hitTime is calculated... Now it is properly affected by players casting/attack speed value.
Applied an extra fix for duping/aquiring adena/items without meeting the correct conditions during a multisell / private store buy/sell.